Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Engagement session Brian & Michele

What an amazing day for an engagement session! Brian and Michele didn't have specific locations in mind for where they would like their session to take place. We asked a few questions to get a good feel and understanding of what they would like. They gave us complete freedom to choose the right place for them. We then we set out looking for the perfect location. After about a week of looking we decided that Linganore Winery/Vineyard was a perfect fit. From the beautiful hills and vineyard itself to the amazing barns and pond, Linganore offered the perfect setting! Many thanks to the staff for allowing us to come in before hours and have open access to the grounds.

The morning was beautiful, The sky had just the right amount of clouds, the light was right and Michele and Brian looked perfect! You could immediately tell how happy these two are together. They were relaxed and open to ideas! We had such a great time with them and can't wait to be a part of the wedding day!

Thank you Michele and Brian for a great day!

A preview shot...